Hefner our pick for State Senate seat

by Ray Hibbard 

Published: December 29, 2010 

Edmond Life & Leisure

Our pick is District 47 candidate Carol Hefner. She is a businesswoman and civic philanthropist. She has been married to Robert Hefner IV for 26 years and they have five children, one grandson and another one on the way. She is a journalist by formal training and has worked in all sectors of media but we don’t hold that against her.

She is a real estate investor and has been involved in commercial leasing with her family’s firm for the past 28 years. In other words, she is a small business person, understands small business and knows what it means to meet a payroll. This is exactly what we need to represent Edmond business interests.

Carol is the president of the Aliya Hefner Memorial Foundation and is the founder of the Aliya Hefner Visiting Fellowship at the OU Health Sciences Center, Children’s Hospital. She has served on numerous civic and educational boards and committees and has helped non-profits raise nearly $3 million dollars for community, medical and educational enhancements. She also has been active on neighborhood and church boards.

Even given all of this experience, Carol believes her greatest accomplishment is the creation of a healthy family based on mutual respect, love and honor. Working to improve our state in order to give Oklahoma’s children a future and a hope is her passion.

Hefner has described herself as part of a new political movement of everyday people. She has said that she is not a tea party candidate but a Republican who never had planned to be in politics. Part of her motivation to serve is in response to overreaches by government into our lives. She was quoted in The Oklahoman as saying, “I owe nobody and I’m not in the pocket of special interests.” I like that folks.

Hefner has never been in politics or worked for the government. She has been in the trenches as a mom fighting to improve our community. I will tell you this. She has faced heart-breaking tragedy in her life. Her strength, energy and determination were inspirational. It is not an exaggeration to tell you that many people regard her as their hero.

The disclaimer is that our families have known each other for decades. They are first class folks. She comes from a great line of hard working people. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. When you meet her, get ready. She will get you charged up right along with her. There is nothing boring, slow or lazy about this lady.

Having said all of the above, it is not the reason for the endorsement. I have no doubt that the other candidates posses many good traits as well. However, Hefner was the first and only one to come see us to share her interest in running. She came months ago and wanted to know what we thought were the important issues for Edmond. To me, this sounds like someone much more interested in Edmond and representing our views in the state legislature than the other candidates. As our readers are well aware, access to our representatives is my most important measure when deciding on whom to endorse for public office. They don’t have to agree with us all the time. We just need to have their interest in Edmond and access for our readers. Hefner fits that bill.

A reminder that the above is just one man’s opinion as my friend Leland Gourley says. This is your two week warning. Take time to search out information about these candidates and if possible to meet the folks who have taken the time to run for public office. We applaud all who are brave enough to wade into political waters. They sacrifice time with their families and their business. I believe we owe them all a fair shake and as always, turn out to vote on Jan. 11.

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Carol Hefner plans to 'show up' for the Todd Lamb Senate vacancy

By Patrick B. McGuigan

Published: 10-Nov-2010

Carol Hefner of Edmond is likely to be deemed “front-runner” in the anticipated election to replace state Sen. Todd Lamb, the current state Senate floor leader who was elected lieutenant governor on Tuesday, November 2.

She formally announced her candidacy last week.

In a recent interview with CapitolBeatOK, Hefner said, “When it comes to politics, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” A passionate multi-issue conservative, she seems to fit the mood of the Oklahoma electorate. She contends: “I can guarantee I’ll make most of the people happy most of the time in my district.”

Hefner is the wife of Robert Hefner IV, a successful businessman. Months ago, after deliberating on the expected victory for Lamb as he sought the state’s number two political post, Hefner began quietly organizing. Then, some weeks ago, she filed necessary paperwork with the Ethics Commission and began raising money and planning for a race most observers believe will be settled in the Republican primary.

She recounted: “My feet have been set upon a course for quite awhile. This whole thing has a great feel about it. I know it’s the right thing.”

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Hefner announces for Lamb’s Senate seat

November 4, 2010

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Edmond Republican Carol Hefner has announced that she is a candidate for Senate District 41, which will be vacated by newly elected Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, R-Edmond.

Hefner described herself as a strong conservative Republican with an independent mind.

“I am a citizen who is stepping up to serve the people,” Hefner told The Edmond Sun. “I am literally a citizen and I am one of the people and I intend to bring a strong, service-oriented, responsive type representation to the people.”

She and her husband Robert Hefner IV live in Edmond and have five children, four adults and one teenage daughter living at home. She has been active in nonprofit work for 26 years. She has established a foundation for children’s medical research a Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center.

“We bring in a visiting fellowship every year that visits with and teaches the students. It’s the top specialists in any one area of pediatric medicine,” Hefner said.

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