Carol-Hefner-3.jpgTo date, Oklahoma has fared well during this national recession; however, we cannot take prosperity for granted. Carol believes small businesses and entrepreneurs are the key to a strong economy. She will work to remove roadblocks to job creation and ensure abundant opportunities by ending lawsuit abuse, reducing red tape, cutting business taxes and fixing our broken workers’ compensation system.

In Washington, D.C., reckless government spending and a lack of accountability are putting our nation’s future in jeopardy. Instead of the “D.C. Way,” Carol believes we should do things the “Oklahoma Way,” with transparency. Citizens should be able to see where their tax dollars go with strict accountability that eliminates waste and fraud. 

images/Carol-Hefner-4.jpgA mother and grandmother, Carol Hefner not only champions the right to life, but she has walked the walk. During pregnancy with her fourth child, Carol suffered severe health complications. Baby Aliya was born with a rare syndrome and subsequently lost her fight for life.  Doctors told Carol she would never be able to carry another baby.  When she miraculously conceived a fifth child, doctors warned that her life and that of her baby were in great danger. They strongly advised Carol to terminate the pregnancy, but trusting in God’s provision, she defied the doctors and instead opted for life.  Carol experienced a perfect pregnancy and birth. Baby Gabrielle is now a healthy, vibrant 15 year-old.

Carol will fight against federal health-care mandates that put bureaucrats in control. Instead, she favors a plan to reduce costs by increasing competition and putting more power in the hands of patients.

Carol Hefner feels strongly that every Oklahoma child deserves the best education possible. Without raising taxes, Carol wants Oklahoma schools to be a model for the rest of the nation. She knows quality education will enhance our job market and industries, attracting the best and brightest to Oklahoma.

Carol supports the expansion of charter schools so every neighborhood has access to a great school. She also favors great pay for great teachers, because the return on our investment will be invaluable.

Carol supports Arizona’s tough immigration law. Her own family came through Ellis Island seeking a better life just 100 years ago. She wants America to remain a beacon of hope and freedom to the rest of the world; but she believes part of ensuring freedom is enforcing our laws. She will stand firm against illegal immigration, refusing to add to the problem by giving away free taxpayer-funded benefits to those who break our laws. 
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